About Kingpin Tickets

Kingpin Tickets is a company set up to sell tickets to events.  We specialise in alternative lifestyle events.

Our biggest event so far is the International London Tattoo Convention.  We are passionate about this event and we believe in both it and the lifestyle choices around which it evolves.  We want to help to promote these kind of events and ensure that it is simple and secure for you to buy tickets to this type of event and to benefit from the reduced advance pricing.

We have a keen interest in non-standard events which promote and encourage alternative art & lifestyle choices.  It is our passion that makes us different - we're passionate about the events that we promote - and getting you to the ones that you want to attend. We also care about great service and treating people as individuals.

We look to promote International events rather than just UK domestic and so our online booking is tailored to ensure that no matter where you are in the world you can buy your ticket and feel secure in the knowledge that your tickets will be sent electronically to you, your personal information is safe, it won’t be sold on and you will receive what you ordered within hours of completing your order and you certainly won’t be worrying that you don’t have your tickets as the date of the event approaches.

We want to be the first name people think of when they want to go to such an event. We are continually working on delivering the best service, and are working hard to extend the breadth of our product so you will be able to get tickets for just about anything within this genre that you want from us.

If you are happy with the service that we have provided and the events that we promote are appealing to you then please tell your friends and family about us and help us to make our business a success.